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Fall Health Festival


Join us for the annual Fall Health Festival at the Park County Fair Grounds 

Saturday, November 14th from 7am-11am

This year we will be offering the following:

  • A Free Healthy Breakfast for everyone!
  • Blood Profile Screens ($50): Checks for anemia, diabetes, measures thyroid, kidney and liver function, and tests cholesterol. Optional tests: Vitamin D ($25), Prostate Specific Antigen ($15), and Hemoglobin A1C ($20).
  • Free Screenings: Bone Density, Neck and Face Skin Cancer, Balance, Lean Body Mass, Blood Pressure and Cardiac Risk, Video Otoscope, Oxygen Saturation, Hearing, and more!
  • Flu Vaccines: Flu Shot ($25), High Dose Flu Shot for 65+ ($40) and Flu Mist ($35)
  • Kids Area: Special appearances by Pippi the Clown, and Huckleberry the Smoke Free Dragon.

Location: Park County Fair Grounds
Type: Special Event
Preregistration: Not required
Phone: 817-229-2377
Language: English

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