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Annual Community Meeting - Livingston Enterprise (6/23/15)

LHC Chef Teaching Culinary Classes at Livingston Food and Resource Center - Livingston Enterprise (5/13/2015)

LHC Employees Ship Medical Supplies to Nepal - Livingston Enterprise (5/13/2015)

Park County TUPP Billboard - Livingston Enterprise (4/29/2015)

Identical Twins Born at LHC - Livingston Enterprise (4/9/2015)

E-Cigarettes Part 2 - Livingston Enterprise (3/13/15)

E-Cigarettes Part 1 - Livingston Enterprise (3/12/15)

Sensory Processing and Speech Language Development - MT Parent (3/1/15)

Construction Update - Livingston Enterprise (2/27/15)

Healthcare Deadline is Near - Livingston Enterprise (2/10/15)

Food Rx - Park County Community Journal (1/15/15)

First Baby of 2015 - PDF Attachment (1/13/15)

LHC Provider Named Temporary Health Department Consultant - PDF attachment (1/5/15)

New Hospital Among Top Stories of 2014 - Livingston Enterprise (1/2/15)


Fundraising Past Halfway Mark - Bozeman Daily Chronicle (12/7/14)

Livingston HealthCare Among Park County Non-Profits to Receive Donation - Livingston Enterprise (12/5/14)

Fire extinguished at the Provider Clinic on Park Drive - Livingston Enterprise (12/1/14)

Livingston HealthCare Foundation launches public phase of campaign - Billings Gazette (11/25/14)

Great American Smokeout - PDF Attachment

Livingston HealthCare to Close on Hospital Sale - Livingston Enterprise(10/24/14)

Everson Architectural Sheet Metal works on the New Hospital and Clinic Facility - PDF Attachment

New Provider at Livingston HealthCare - PDF Attachment

Ebola Concerns - Livingston Enterprise (10/1/14)

Details Shared Regarding Sale of Existing Facilities - Livingston Enterprise (9/22/14)

Congressman Daines Tours LHC and New Hospital Construction Site - PDF attachment

Trails Rx Run - Livingston Enterprise (9/2/14)

Sale Details of Existing LHC Facilities - Livingston Enterprise (8/19/14)

Livingston HealthCare's Career Internship Program Helped Save A Life - Livingston Enterprise Letter to the Editor (8/6/14)

Livingston HealthCare Provider Comments on West Nile Virus - Livingston Enterprise (7/24/14)

Livingston HealthCare Requests More Time for Truck Stop Review - Livingston Enterprise (6/11/14) 

Trails Rx, Get Caught! - Livingston Enterprise (6/10/14)

Lifesaving Lesson -  Livingston Enterprise (5/28/14)

Steel Construction Continues - Livingston Enterprise (4/30/14)  
Bids for Construction Packages - PDF attachment 
Steel Structure Progress -  Livingston Enterprise (4/3/14)

Charity Care Rising - Livingston Enterprise (3/19/14)
Family-Centered Prenatal Education Series - Livingston Enterprise (3/10/14)

First Baby of 2014 - Livingston Enterprise (1/16/14)


LHC, Billings Clinic Sign Affiliation Agreement (3/28/13)

Livingston HealthCare Unveils New Website (3/12/13)

LHC to Hold Community Meeting (2/18/13)

Seniors Host Arthritis Exercise Class (Enterprise, 1/11/13)

Billings Clinic Part of Mayo Clinic Network (Enterprise, 1/10/13)

Flu Season Arrives; Hospital Restricts Visits (Enterprise, 1/10/13)

Retiring Nurse Cares for Livingston for 50 Years (Enterprise, 1/9/13)

2013's First Baby (Enterprise, 1/7/13)


LHC, Billings Clinic get queried by members, public (Enterprise, 11/29/12)

LHC loses portion of funding for new hospital campus (Enterprise, 11/29/12)

Accident can't stop Walter Proschinger (Enterprise, 11/23/2012)

Billings Clinic, LHC detail affilication (Enterprise, 11/23/2012)

Food for Thought (Enterprise, 11/9/2012)

Health Festival offers screenings, breakfast and MEGA lungs (Enterprise, 11/7/2012)

Livingston HealthCare to build new hospital (Bozeman Chronicle, 10/26/2012)

Good News for Park County (Enterprise, 10/25/2012)

LHC Gets $39.5 Million Building Loan (Enterprise, 10/24/2012)

No risk of meningitis from steroid shots at Livingston HealthCare (Enterprise, 10/22/2012)

LHC Sells Oxygen, Equipment Service to Billings Clinic (Enterprise, 10/22/2012)

HealthCare Gives Flood Zone Notice (Enterprise, 10/19/2012)

Livingston HealthCare Sells Home Oxygen Service (10/18/12)

Download Fall 2012 Living Well (10/18/12)

Livingston HealthCare Wins Statewide Innovation Award (Enterprise, 9/26/12)

Construction work accommodates new CT scan (Enterprise, 9/19/12)

Livingston HealthCare seeks local opinions (Enterprise, 8/17/12)

Survey Gauges Livingston Health Needs (Enterprise, 7/25/12)